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You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."

Albert Einstein

Over the last few years I have had considerable experience in running training for various professional groups including:

  • Students undertakeing Teacher Training (South Bank University)
  • Teachers as part of their CPD programme (Approved trainer for Southwark LA)
  • Newly appointed ICT officers wanting induction into online safeguarding issues
  • Volunteers for NSPCC/ChildLine who needed advice on how to help young callers to their hotline who have been cyberbullied.
  • Running whole school inset days.
  • Running sessions for parents both in school settings and within the community
  • Foster parents/carers groups


In the UK the Ofsted framework for schools and colleges sets out important areas that organisations working with children need to address. These include:

How safe do learners feel?

The training I provide looks at how we help learners make judgments in using safe working practices in learning and how we can prepare them

for risks online and feeling safe in knowing who to report to and how to block inappropriate content or contact.

How effective is the care, guidance and support learners receive in helping them to attain their learning goals?

The training I provide can support staff to ensure that they are prepared and equipped to give learners individual care and support to promote their learning and development, and to help them achieve their potential in using new technologies.

How effectively does the provider promote the safeguarding of learners?

The training I provide will help staff understand the safeguarding and protection issues online and know how to identify and respond appropriately to users' welfare concerns. The training will also enable staff to know which professional agencies they can contact to provide wider resources and support to safeguard learners. For example where you can report online abuse.

How effectively does the provider actively promote equality and diversity, tackle discrimination and narrow the achievement gap?

The training I provide will help all learners and staff understand the online harassment, cyberbullying issues and ensure that all users are protected - including when students are working with external providers. The training will also ensure that staff themselves know how to prevent themselves becoming victims of cyberbullying.

Stephen has worked with Southwark Children's Services since 2008 on a range of important projects including delivering cyberbullying training across our schools, organising a borough-wide competition for children, running our CPD courses for teachers on how to combat cyberbullying and undertaking specialist E-safety training for groups such as foster parents and ICT co-ordinators. … I would strongly recommend Stephen's work to other Local Authorities and schools, as long as that doesn't take him away from working with us!"

Paul Morgan Head of E-Learning, Southwark Local Authority