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Many schools are beginning to develop programmes to equip and educate both pupils, staff and parents about safe and responsible use of social media. Indeed in the UK there are very many excellent E-safety resources produced by a range of organisations including: CHILDNET, TEACH TODAY  and CEOP.

However, there are few resources which help schools teach pupils and (increasingly) parents, on how to:

  • respond to internet and screen compulsion,
  • monitor their 'cyber-wellness'
  • and to strike a healthy screen-life balance.

That's where the ScreenLess initiative can really help.

Unlike other initiatives such as the SCREEN-FREE week developed in America we are not advocating a total ban on screens for a week but rather offer up a set of tools which a school or family can do at any time, either as a one-off, or a regular activity. 

We would suggest you think of it not as a crash diet but rather an opportunity to change your eating habits and think about your overall health and screen dependency.

Below are a number of simple resources which we are piloting in schools and which can be adapted by schools. Indeed, if teachers want to share their resources to help pupils and parents, please send them to us and we will upload them here.   

"When we mentioned to our parents we were going to be trialing this activity there was near universal positive feedback and many felt they would embrace this as a challenge which would really benefit their families. 

We will be working closely with Tim and Stephen to monitor the impact of the trial and possibly repeat the exercise annually as part of our commitment to using ICT positively at DUCKS. 

I’m sure, we as teachers will also find it a challenge, but we’ll be keen to share our experiences with other schools. 

As the ScreenLess WEEK caption says  … “let’s see what happens!”

Sally Dondalson

 Head of DUCKS Kindergarten.

You can download and print off these free pre and post activity questionnaires for parents and teachers to complete with children.




Here is a presentation for primary school-aged children to introduce this whole-school activity.     

          You can download this powerpoint presentation here or view it live on



We've produced a simple Family Agreement which you can download, print out and sign together to show your committment to a SCREENLESS Week




Here's a simple diary sheet which you can print off and use to record together what you did on each day you spent without a screen, and how this made you feel.