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The idea for running a ScreenLess week activity in a school came following one of the many sessions that Tim and Stephen had undertaken iat Dulwich College, South London. It was after running an INSET session with staff in the Kindergarten and Infants’ School (DUCKS)  that the school suggested we run such the activity as a pilot.   DUCKS felt this activity should take place in half-term week, when, for many parents, this idea of a ScreenLess week would provide them with more opportunities to try and engage in a range of activities within the family that are not screen based.The Sunday Times newspaper sent a photographer down to record the preparation and will do a follow up piece on the impact.

Here below is a link to a Huffington Post piece Stephen wrote about this initiative.


The Sunday Times newspaper wrote a piece on the pilot see


Dr Spence – Master of Dulwich College, says, 

“Technology needs to be the servant of good learning. It is not learning in its own right. And good learning is about sharing what you know and asking others about what you don’t understand rather than simply looking for information on a screen. That’s why we’re committed to the ScreenLess Week project and starting it at DUCKS our Kindergarten and Infants’ School.  Indeed, there are many aspects of education in which the Jesuitical advice to capture children’s attention early – certainly before they are seven years old - rings true. That we need to have our infants understanding how to make the best use of modern technology is key to good learning. And best use means knowing how to turn a machine off as well as how to turn it on.”


Mrs Heather Friell – Head of Dulwich College Kindergarten and Infants’ School says,

“We are setting the families and staff at DUCKS a challenge to consider our usage of technology and the effect it may have on lessening time spent in family communication and spending valuable time enjoying the offline world.  Let us see what is possible for us all to enjoy together in our ScreenLess week.”


Sally Donaldson – Head of DUCKS Kindergarten says,

When we mentioned to our parents we were going to be trialing this activity there was near universal positive feedback and many felt they would embrace this as a challenge which would really benefit their families.  We will be working closely with Tim and Stephen to monitor the impact of the trial and possibly repeat the exercise annually as part of our commitment to using ICT positively at DUCKS.  I’m sure we, as teachers, will also find it a challenge, but we’ll be keen to share our experiences with other schools.  As the ScreenLess Week caption says  … “let’s see what happens!” 


Stephen Carrick-Davies says

"In talking to many parents over the last few years this issue of screen-time is a growing felt need. Even really switched-on techie parents are struggling to help keep a screen balance in their homes.  Far from advocating a total ban this initiative simply helps parents and schools have that conversation with their children.   They are best placed to think what will work for them and their kids.  As we say... a chance to unplug and see what happens... "



Tim Mungeam says,

If I've learnt anything over the last 16 years of being a parent it's that, it's all about balance, consistency and kids don't do what we say, they do what we do!  ScreenLess week is a great chance to take a fresh look at whether we are getting the balance right for our families and ourselves. I would say more but I've got to go now and update my Facebook status :)  "

If you would like to pilot this programme in either your school, company or local community/faith group,  please contact Stephen or Tim here