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ScreenLess Week


ScreenLess Week* is a simple initiative designed to help families explore their relationships with their screens and with each other... for just one week.

It's a resource which schools and families can use any week of the year as a focus for helping both children and adults think about their reliance on screens and whether they need to recalibrate their screen-life balance.

It needn't be 'screen-free, just less screens; an opportunity to unplug for a few days and see what happens!

ScreenLess Week initiative started as a discussion between two working dads, Tim Mungeam and Stephen Carrick-Davies, who became aware of the dominance of the online world in their everyday lives and the compulsion to keep up with the endless e-mails, tweets, status updates and a torrent of other communication. Like other parents, they realised that the task of modelling a sense of presence with their children and teens was becoming harder, as their kids,like themselves, were becoming increasingly immersed in their separate online worlds. 

ScreenLess Week is very much work-in-progress and we offer these resources as a starting point for schools and families to develop their own initiatives and share their ideas. It's not 'top-down' but simply trying to inspire practical, bottom-up thinking and engagement (something the web is great for!)

On these pages you can download resources for schools, ideas for families find out about the background to this exciting initiative, read stories about how other families have got on and access links to media articles and wider resources. The important thing is to start the conversation - who knows what might happen!

*Please note the ScreenLess Week resource can be used any week of the year.  It's not a national capaign, rather a simple tool which you can use for a whole week (or even a few days) when it's right for you!


"In our work at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, we are seeing a steady rise in cases of excessive use of mobile and connected devices, with both children and parents seeking advice on how to manage it. I warmly welcome the screenlessweek initiative for its simple, creative, and balanced approach. 

For the first time schools have a practical set of resources to engage with pupils and families to reflect upon any over-dependence on screens. I look forward to all of the future developments that will emerge from this imaginative venture"

Dr Richard Graham, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

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Tim Mungeam and

Stephen Carrick-Davies



Huffington Post article on

ScreenLess week

 "Ask not what your screen can do for you but what you can do without your screen!"

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