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For this fourth film in the series the MPP team worked with students from 3 PRUs in Ipswich. Through the workshops the young people wanted to talk about peer stalking and how they coped when other young people got their personal details off Facebook or BBM.  Once we had worked with the students on the script we were able to take advantage of the film studio which the Parkside School had and with some clever lighting created this little sketch with the YP themselves acting a short 2 minute video about the importance of supporting each other when things go wrong.

A full lesson plan and reflection piece on Empathy online is under construction as is a special film in which the teachers from the PRUs talk about their experience of helping students cope when things go wrong online.  watch this space....

As part of this project we also filmed the teachers from this PRU who talk about the importance of helping young people support each other online

Becasue the young people talk about BBM we have produced a short film in which BBM experts share how the messenger service works.